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Kananga (Kannan-Quick Star)

Approved in 3 breeding associations in Europe OS, Holst, DWB




Blind Date (Sandro Boy - Concept)

One of the best showjumping riders of the world has show interest for Blind Date and we were able to make an aggrement with Mr. Beerbaum for further education and managment of Blind Date.



Quinta Ruban sold til USA, june 2015

Quinta Ruban (Quick Star - Cassini II - Landgraf I)

Jennifer Fogh and Quinta Ruban was placed 8 in the Horsebook mini Grand Prix (140-145cm) in Wilhelmsborg and he showed there is lot more to come. 

 Rising Sun (Champion du Lys-Acord II)

After 11 years in sport on S-level Rising Sun is back               at our Stusfarm as broodmare. 







Blind Date (Sandro Boy - Concept)

Jennifer Fogh and Blind Date compeeded in the WBFSH World Championship for young horses in Zangersheide where they were clear in the 1. qualification and had a one down in the 2. qualifikation. 

 VANILLA SKY (Quite Capitol - Concept )

 Sold to Brasilian Showjumping Rider, march 2013

 Ladylike (Acord II - Cantus)

Ladylike died on the 12 may 2012 after giving birth to a wonderfull Filly by Sandro Boy. Ladylike was Dam to several S-showjumpers as well as the most expensive foal in Holstein 2010. The Filly  is well and will secure the bloodlines af Ladylike in our Studfarm

 ESPERANZA (Sandro Boy - Acord II - Cantus)

Esperanza lost her Mother shortly after ske was born is doing very well at the Foal nursing home Stahr in Süderbrarup, Germany.We are geatfull for the care Mrs. Stahr is giving our Baby.

 Queensland (Quick Star - Calido I)

In the 2011 season Queensland is placed more than 10 times in S-jumping

 Soul Mate (Sandro Boy - Cento)

Sold to USA

Uptown Girl (Quick Star - Acord II)

Sold to Germany 2011

Daniela og Rising Sun (Champion du Lys - Acord II) 

Were placed in S-jumping at the CSI *** Offenburg feb 2011 .

Filly born 2010/07/05 by: Sandro Boy
- Acord II - Cantus
Sold at the German Holsteiner Verband Foalauction 2010 for 30.000 euro to Brasil

 Filly born 2010/12/04 by: Sandro Boy
- Quick Star - Acord II

Sold to Italy 2010

Savage Rose (Quick Star - Calido I)

Sold to Spain 2010

Wild Rose (Ephebe for evigt - Carolus I)

Sold to Saudi-Arabia 2010

Remember Me
Concept - Calido I

Sold to Germany 2010

Calido I - Landgraf

Sold to Germany 2009

Beverly Hill
Sandro Boy-Quite Capitol

Sold to danish showjumper 2009

Sandro Boy-Acord II-Cantus

Sold to Schwiss showjumping stables 2009

Filly born 2009/04/09 by 
Sandro Boy-quite-capitol-Concept, Stamm 104A

Filly born 2009/03/05 by 
Sandro Boy-Concept-Calido I, Stamm 104A

Rising Sun
Champion du Lys - Acord II

Rising Sun, which we sold 2004 to Schwitzeland, were qualified for the 2009 final in the R4 Promotiontour in CSI Humlikon.

Capitol - Calido 1

Sold to danish showjumping rider 2008

Acorado - Champion du Lys

Sold to Norway 2008

Plaisir du Lys
Champion du Lys - Lord Calando

Sold to danish Nationscup rider 2006

Quick Star - Calido I

Sold for 90.000 euro at the Holsteiner Auction 2005

Corrado I - Acobat jeg

Sold to Sveden 2005

Calido I - Flamingo

Calgary were in his first Grand Prix ever placed 4

Rising Sun
Champion du Lys - Acord II

Rising Sun sold to Schwitzeland 2004

Louisiana (Corrado II - Landgraf)

Louisiana sold to Italy 2003.

 Calgary (Calido I - Flamingo)
Sold to Paul Schockemöhle 2001
During the (Performance Sales International) PSI auktion on 9 december, Calgary was sold for 260.000 euro

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